Do you think trees should be removed to stifle crime in Hoboken?

Forgot to mention this a couple weeks ago when we published that trees were massacred over at Columbus Park – that word on the street was that the butchering wasn’t exactly what you thought it might be.

Apparently, Hudson County had these trees “scalped” because of the uptick in nefarious illicit activity that takes place in the wee hours. Most often “drugs.”

So by eliminating the “cover” that so-called degenerate capitalists have there in the park, makes it easier for police to spot and act on such transactions or hoodlum gatherings.

But the question is – when we start decimating otherwise beautiful parks to make them “safer,” where do you draw the line? What next? Transparent housing? Clothes? Barren lots with zero “hiding spots?”

I guess once the “surveillance state” gains strong momentum – there is no stopping them, as the thirst for complete control and remote monitoring is next to impossible to quench.

killing trees in parks for crime prevention in Hoboken NJ hudson county columbus park

Trees murdered at Columbus Park in Hoboken

4/17/2014 Update:

Wow – take a look at this murder / massacre that took place in Columbus Park.

Why in God’s name would they trash so many trees?

Either they were terminally ill – or someone’s padding some kind of landscaping contract. We’ll never know now! Evidence gone!

Columbus Park Trees Murdered in Hoboken NJ

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