All Points West Festival

8/9/2008 Update:

Running Hoboken411 is very difficult, and when I finally get a chance to take a break, leaving town for a few days is my best bet. Thus, the difficult decision to go down to the shore rather than attend this weekend’s All Points West Festival in Jersey City. (I’ve seen Radiohead a bunch of times already…)

Living vicariously via YouTube, here’s Radiohead’s performance of “Everything in its right place” from last night 8/8/08.

Did anyone attend the festival yet?

5/17/2008 Update:

While Radiohead is still one of my favorite acts, it seems as if the other “rumored” artists that were possibly playing has lost it’s luster to me! No more Bjork, Strokes or LCD Soundsystem, amongst others.

What do you think of the rest of the sub-headers for this summers big Hudson County Event?


See original announcement after the jump…

2/22/2008 Update:

Radiohead confirmed two nights at this years All Points West Festival according to URB Magazine. They’ll play the first two shows, August 8th and 9th.



Anyone here like multi-day music festivals? If so, mark your calendars for the All Points West Festival!

All Points West Music & Arts Festival

August 8-10, 2008

The planned festival at Liberty State Park in Jersey City may be over six months away, but it’s already rumored to have some acts that I would actually leave Hoboken and go see! Radiohead, Bjork, The Strokes, Sonic Youth and more may play at this three-day festival.

This is an urban off-shoot of the west coast Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which is held in a desert, and requires pretty much camping out for three-days in order to attend.

Supposedly this event, plus other large concerts scheduled in the south Jersey and Philly areas caused the cancellation of the Vineland Music Festival poised to take place at the same time.

If this rumored list of performers turns out true, I’ll be there. What about you?

Sign up to their site to stay informed:


Here’s a list of possible acts:

August 8th
Headliner: Bjork
Sub-headliner: The Strokes
Others: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Broken Social Scene, The Rapture

August 9th
Headliner: The Flaming Lips
Sub-headliner: Sonic Youth
Others: My Bloody Valentine, Portishead, Mogwai

August 10th
Headliner: Radiohead
Sub-headliner: Sigur Ros
Others: Bright Eyes, Mars Volta, LCD Soundsystem

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  1. Biffy B For Mayor says:

    [quote comment=”98370″][quote comment=”98345″]Who is going? I’m thinking of riding my bike over there tomorow — check out the scene.

    Maybe there will be some hippie chicks there with some shrooms or something…[/quote]
    I was think of doing the exact same thing. Would we be able to access the parking lot if we don’t gave tickets?[/quote]

    I was able to ride my bike within 300 yards of the stage. They did not shut down the path along the river, so my lady and I just kind of hung out there for a few mins. Took in a couple of acts, then biked ourselves over to the Sand Bar to have some fried seafood and corona’s. Easily could have made a day of it and just put a blanket down on the grass right outside the fence.

    The festival seemed kind of lame. Lame in the sense that there was not a lot ot explore. The area was kind of small, the stages were right on top of each other (although I did notice that there was no cross music noise from stage to stage). I really dont think it would have been worth 90 bucks. Festivals should be like 50 tops, concidering you have to buy everything you want (food, booze, water, pills)

  2. goldsoundz says:

    I went on Friday and Radiohead was amazing. They saved the festival. I go to a lot of festivals and overall this one was poorly planned. The layout could have been better and set times longer. I guess they had restrictions with liquor and time contraints too. The beer gardens could have been strategically placed where you could see the stages better. The 5 beer max also sucked when you got there at 2. Luckily I knew somebody working the fest and they were able to hook me up with more beer. You could have also washed the mark off your hand and got another wrist band.

    Radiohead was just downright sick. I was at the bonnaroo 06 show and i thought this comparable.

  3. Katie_Scarlett says:

    [quote comment=”98582″][quote comment=”98531″][quote comment=”98511″]Not if you bypassed the line, crossed to the other platform, boarded the Hoboken train and stood precisely where the door stopped so you could get on first and grab a seat…like me. Otherwise, yes, I would imagine it was insane (tee-hee-hee!)[/quote]

    Yeh that’s what we did, too, but the light rail was still insane, nevertheless.

    It was funny when the Transit police figured out people were doing that.[/quote]

    Contrast this post with the standard “Everyone is so selfish! No one has any manners!” threads on here. This is how it works, right – I complain about lack of civility, etc… until it benefits me to do as I please, then, well, everybody breaks the rules sometimes, right? Everyone else is doing it, why not me? Can’t I get a pass this one time?[/quote]
    Exactly. I read those posts and thought about the a-holes that do this on the path and how much I dislike them.

  4. homeworld says:

    What we did, walking to the opposite side of the platform, was no different than if we took the train south and got off and got on a northbound train.

    Not my fault the hipsters from the city didn’t know how the light rail works.

  5. Katie_Scarlett says:

    [quote comment=”98682″]What we did, walking to the opposite side of the platform, was cutting the line.

    Not my fault the hipsters from the city didn’t know how to think they’re more important than everyone else and therefore shouldn’t have to wait in line.[/quote]


  6. yellowsubmarine says:

    This lineup is announced Monday morning at 7am.

  7. homeworld says:

    Tickets for ALL POINTS WEST go on sale Friday, April 3 at 12 Noon via exclusively. Single day tix are $89 and three day passes are $199 for a limited time

    Friday, July 31: Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend, The National, Fleet Foxes, MSTRKRFT, Q-Tip, The Pharcyde, Organized Konfusion, The Knux, Ra Ra Riot, Seasick Steve, Telepathe, Shearwater, Heartless Bastards, Flying Lotus, College Humor Live, Arj Barker, Eugene Mirman and Bo Burnham.

    Saturday, August 1: Tool, My Bloody Valentine, Gogol Bordello, Arctic Monkeys, Neko Case, The Ting Tings, Yelle, Crystal Castles, St. Vincent, Tokyo Police Club, The Cool Kids, Kool Keith, Cage the Elephant, Chairlift, White Rabbits, Electric Touch, The Postelles, Black Gold, College Humor Live, Tim & Eric, Judah Friedlander and Jim Jeffries.

    Sunday, August 2: Coldplay, Echo & The Bunnymen, MGMT, The Black Keys, Elbow, Silversun Pickups, Mogwai, We Are Scientists, Ghostland Observatory, The Gaslight Anthem, Etienne De Crecy, Lykke Li, Akron/Family, Steel Train, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, College Humor Live, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Showalter and Todd Barry.

  8. Stpaddygirl says:

    Wonder if there will be the 5 person beer limit again this year with people locked down in a beer area. At JazzzFest you can have as much beer as you want and walk around while drinking. Not sure after seeing how well run Jazzfest is I can attend this festival again. The lack of port-a-johns another HUGE issue. I used the ones that the vendors used and also noticed there was no Purel in them 😡

  9. Biffy B For Mayor says:

    I effing love The Ting Tings!!!! August 1 it is. Best thing to do is pregame in the park first, then walk your way in and cruise some music. I may even ride my bike over. Could make for a great ride on the way back :).

    Last year we just hung out in the park and listened to what we could hear/see. I may spend the 100 bucks for a 1 day ticket this year.

    You can even BBQ in the park first — if your into that thing.

    Might make for a good H411 outing. A little BBQ????????

  10. homeworld says:

    Yeh, you could hear the main stage pretty well from the Waterfront Walk Way… If you bring a step ladder you could have probably even seen the stage over the fence.

  11. yellowsubmarine says:

    [quote comment=”145755″]Wonder if there will be the 5 person beer limit again this year with people locked down in a beer area. At JazzzFest you can have as much beer as you want and walk around while drinking. Not sure after seeing how well run Jazzfest is I can attend this festival again. The lack of port-a-johns another HUGE issue. I used the ones that the vendors used and also noticed there was no Purel in them :x[/quote]

    i read somewhere that they are working hard to improve things that were probs last year (port-a-johns, beer limit, etc) Excited to see Elbow, My Bloody Valentine, Black Keys, Heartless Bastards will steal the show on Friday, though.

  12. emarche says:

    I’m betting you’ll be able to hear My Bloody Valentine CLEARLY from the waterfront.

  13. sms says:

    I was impressed with the amount of port a johns. It sounds like you may have missed the main area they were located. The ones in the beer gardens had the long lines and were gross. When you went to the ones in the main area there was never a wait. It seems like they realize that everyone hated the idea of only drinking inside the beer gardens. “The producers have also worked with their partners at Liberty State Park to improve the fan experience in the beer gardens. This year’s areas will be larger, have shorter lines, and feature shade tents, views of the stages and food concessions.”

  14. Stpaddygirl says:

    I went the night Radiohead played and the portajohn lines were horrendous everywhere in fact we couldnt even get back into the beer tent after we left all the tent areas were mobbed. I only got 3 of my 5 eligible beers so pissed! Then some drunk chicks were stumbling around and I was like how the h*ll did they get drunk? I mean people are searched pretty good coming into that place. Got to eat some confiscated home made chocolate chip cookies in line (yum)

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