Can’t win? Maxwell Place still a “Luxury Roach Motel” in Hoboken

You figured that if you live in one of the most “desired” spots in Hoboken – like at Maxwell Place along the Hudson River Waterfront, you’d have little to worry about (other than your massive property tax bill each quarter). But several residents have mentioned that one problem that is typically known to affect “blighted” areas like inner-cities, has been a problem for the past five years: Unwanted Critters. Will Maxwell Place always be considered a “Luxury Roach Motel,” or will they finally tackle the problem once and for all?

Is Maxwell Place in Hoboken NJ a luxury roach motel

Are solving roach problems so close to the river impossible?

Residents we spoke to are quite fed up. They’ve had issues with essentially an “infestation” of roaches at all the outdoor sun decks and pool areas in the building located at 1125 Maxwell Lane.

They say that Toll Brothers and various employees of the building refuse to call them what they are, and instead use the term “water bugs” (sounds a lot less disgusting that way, doesn’t it.) And that the management rarely does anything until countless people make a (public) stink of it.

One resident said: “They’re everywhere! In the spring and summer months it’s virtually impossible to enjoy the 4th, 6th and 7th floor outdoor areas because of them! You know spring has officially arrived the day you spot your first roach!”

Maxwell Place has supposedly tried addressing this in the past, first blaming it on the landscaping mulch (“it wasn’t treated with pesticide…”) and later calling extermination companies to come in and treat the problem.

Makes you wonder if “extermination” companies actually ever do the proper job. Because if they did, wouldn’t they eventually go out of business?

Anyway, sucks to pay top dollar for “luxury” residences, only to have to deal with “third world” problems like this. Perhaps “water bugs” and living so close to the murky Hudson River make it impossible to fix?

Maybe they should factor these nasty conditions in when they do the property revaluation? Haha – not gonna happen!