Issyra Gallery moves to Neumann Leather Building

The Issyra Gallery, a “true Hoboken African Art Gallery” used to be located in the “historically renovated” Jefferson Trust building over at 313 First Street. We never really saw much “foot traffic” at this place, and now they’ve moved to a location even more off the beaten path – a block south to the Neumann Leather building (300 Newark St.)

They’re apparently only open to the public only one day a month (3rd Sunday), and have hours “by appointment only” the rest of the time. Feel free to give them a shout if you want more info (201)459-0700.

In the meantime – what do you think should go into this palatial looking ground floor retail space? More importantly – who will be able to afford the rent? Let’s just hope it’s not another Realtor!

Jefferson Trust for rent Hoboken NJ formerly Issyra Gallery