Hoboken to the burbs

Hoboken to the burbs

Many people move to Hoboken from the outskirts of the NYC metro area so they can “live the city life.” Living in Hoboken has its share of upsides: Bustling night life, proximity to the “big city” and jobs, communal living amongst others and relative ease in transportation (without need for a car).

However, on the flip side, many people are also making the transition from “Hoboken to the burbs!” Those upsides include: Land, privacy, lower taxes, peace and quiet, better schools, and much more space.

To help people with their decision to vacate the flood-plain birthplace of baseball, Hoboken real estate agent Brian Murray has created the “Hoboken to the Burbs” seminar – along with a bus to schlep you around! (First bus leaves this weekend – Saturday, March 29th!)

Hoboken to the burbs

The “Hoboken to the Burbs” seminar gets wheels

On Saturday March 29th, the inaugural HOBOKEN to the BURBS Bus Tour leaves from the corner of 4th and Washington Streets at 9:15am to visit properties in Summit and Chatham – two of NJ’s most popular suburbs. Guided by top real estate agents from those areas, it’s a great way to start a home search because buyers can learn more and see more than they ever could on their own.

Just like the original seminar series, attendees can benefit from an expert’s account of the different towns, taxes, commutes, communities, prices, parks, etc. On these unique tours, as the bus visits several listings (some of which may be exclusives and all of which will be chosen specifically for a personalized experience), attendees can see first-hand how the location, features and condition of the house can affect the market value, and learn about the different types of homes for sale in these markets. Along the way, the suburban specialists will answer questions and point out the key areas and amenities – that may be essential in deciding where to live within a given town. As Stan Kay of Keller Williams Premier Properties, explains “Many buyers that go to an open house miss half of the town and seem overwhelmed with choices. This seminar is an easy way for families to reduce that stress, get the information they need, work with a team of top agents, and ultimately understand which town is the best fit for them.”

Tour homes with local experts in Summit, Chatham & Westfield

There is a second bus tour planned for April 12 to the Westfield area at 9am (both tours return to Hoboken by 1pm), then the HOBOKEN to the BURBS Bus Tour won’t hit the road again until the Fall of 2014. Sponsored by Amber Sky Mortgage VP and 13-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry, Joe Berg, who immediately saw the potential for home shoppers. “Buying a home is one of the most important life decisions, I am honored to help support an innovative program that offers an expanded platform of information and a team-integrated approach to help families have a smooth transition to the burbs.”

To RSVP, email Bus@HOBOKENtotheBURBS.com or visit HOBOKENtotheBURBSBusTour.com. Keep in mind that seating is limited and the sooner you register the more personalized the seminar will be.

About HOBOKEN to the BURBS

Conceived by Hoboken Realtors, Todd Filipps & Brian Murray, HOBOKEN to the BURBS is an informational Q&A session focusing on the suburban towns that many Hobokenites move to, and has helped over 150 people since the program started November 2012. The next scheduled (original) HOBOKEN to the BURBS seminar is Thursday, April 24 at 6:30pm. For more information on any of these programs, you can visit HOBOKENtotheBURBS.com or call the team directly @ (800) 355-1333.

BUS Tours:

  • Saturday, March 29 – Summit / Chatham areas
  • Saturday, April 12 – Westfield areas


  • Trip is from 9am to 1pm.

Departs from:

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4 Comments on "Hoboken to the burbs"

Angry Bird
1 year 10 months ago

Interesting concept. Doesn’t leave discovering places to the imagination, serendipity, or careful research, but I have to give them credit!

1 year 10 months ago

I have to say I don’t really get the appeal of this and why anyone would want to do this – – let’s gather a whole bunch of buyers and show them houses they would all be interested in and get bidding wars going – it’s fishing in a barrel for the real estate agents.

1 year 10 months ago

Hopefully Brian Murray will hop on the bus with a bunch of his fellow realtors and they all find a better life in the burbs. Hoboken could surely do with a lot fewer parasite realtors.

Happy Hour
1 year 19 days ago

Been there and done that! Having been on the tour I have to disagree with some of the comments. My version and experience on the tour was exactly what I signed up for. First let me start with IT’S FREE! Next I would like to add no strings attached. When you finally arrive in the town the tour go as follows. The entire tour takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hrs. starting on one side of town and making it’s way to the other side. Along the way you are driving through various neighborhoods, seeing different landmarks like schools, town center,… Read more »