New Fire Hydrant “flags” in Hoboken – are they necessary?

I’m sure most of you have spotted these new “fire hydrant flags” in Hoboken. Sort of like the “special” kid in your neighborhood who had the giant orange flag on his bike (to “protect” him from errant drivers), now Hoboken fire hydrants are equipped with “special” flags of their own. But why?

Fire Hydrant Flags in Hoboken NJ are they necessary

Another property tax-payer expense in Hoboken

For decades – Hoboken has survived JUST FINE with the fire hydrants the way they were.

Why all of a sudden has it become a necessity for these flags? Did the Hoboken fire department FORGET where the hydrants were?

Fire Hydrant Flags Hoboken NJ

Or maybe it’s so that DOGS can see them far in advance, so they can “save up” to make a special deposit (I call it “doggie twittering”) on the hydrant?

Dogs love fire hydrant flags in Hoboken NJ

How much will it cost in the long run?

Regardless – these flags may not cost a million dollars, but they’re still just another line-item on the ever-growing budget in the city. How many of these will get ripped off by juiced-up jug-heads trying to prove a point after their 10th Red Bull & Vodka? How much will it cost over the course of a decade? Can the money be used elsewhere? Or just not spent at all?

We already have painted “fire zones” on the street – will these flags really reduce crucial seconds from the response time the FD makes to each (false alarm) call?

Someone needs to think about all these little government expenses, even if they’re in the name of “public safety.” Because if they go un-checked for a long time, the expenses can spiral out of control. Just look around!