Anatomy of a Hoboken street cleaning racket

Here’s a little video “insight” as to exactly how some Hoboken residents juke the system each and every week. As you may have seen – there was this one busted up car on Hudson Street that actually set a Hoboken record from consecutive weeks without getting a street cleaning ticket (it was over 30 weeks!) Sadly for them, that streak came to an end last month.

Street sweeping racket Hoboken NJBut it looks like they’ve started working on a new streak already.

Here’s how they manage to do it:

  1. Sit in car with hood propped up (use battery charger as a “prop”)
  2. Cry to sweeper, saying “car won’t start”
  3. Watch them go around (and ticket everyone else)
  4. Wait for them to leave.
  5. Go back inside and get fat on couch.
  6. Repeat next week.

How? Who? Vehicular Mysteries in Hoboken

3/21/2014 Update:

You can call these vehicular mysteries in Hoboken – but we’re guessing that the only mysterious part is “who do you know?”

Just like some cars get ticketed while others don’t – below are a couple mysteries we’d like to know the answer to…

8 months without a ticket or boot on Hudson Street

We’ve seen this busted up car on Hudson Street uptown daily. But what we didn’t realize was that it hadn’t moved for nearly 8 months! (We thought it was just one of those cars that “times” their parking jobs according to the street sweeper). But one nearby resident was miffed about this person because the sweeper would bypass this car every week (flat tires and all) – while giving everyone else a ticket! WTF?

Vehicular Mystery in Hoboken NJ car with no ticket for 8 months

But lo behold – as we snapped a picture of the car this week – I guess the HPU had enough and finally issued a boot on Wednesday.

Looks like the racket is over for this lady – and she’ll have to figure out what to do with her jalopy. Wonder how she got away with it for so long? Related to someone who works for the city?

Busted car finally receives boot in Hoboken NJ

Car smashes barrier, drives on sidewalk, no ticket or investigation

Earlier this week, right at the peak of the A.M. “pedestrian rush hour” for commuters, a woman drove through a sidewalk barrier at 5th & Grand Streets. She proceeded to cross through the piazza, and continue driving. Eyewitness accounts say that a Church Towers worker chased the woman down, while nearly getting run over.

The barrier was replaced, with an added “warning sign” to remind people what is and isn’t a thoroughfare for vehicles. But word on the street is that this woman may have been on prescription meds. However, she was apparently “let go” without ticket or further investigation. Hmmm. Kind of strange, no? Potential “under the influence” and the danger of running over pedestrians isn’t enough to get you in hot water? I guess it depends on who you know?

Car drives on sidewalk in Hoboken NJ at Church Towers