Massive property taxes – Hoboken needs free help to clean sidewalks

warning hoboken asking for volunteers for basic city servicesWow if this one doesn’t make you FUME, I don’t know what will. Hoboken has a MASSIVE operating budget – which should include ALL ESSENTIAL SERVICES (and beyond). But guess what? They’re trying to GUILT people into “volunteering” to help clean the city. You know what they’re doing (behind the scenes?)

We heard from sources, that they’ve contacted various “community organizers” around town asking for VOLUNTEERS to gather at City Hall on Saturday, March 22nd at 9am “to help clean up the streets of Hoboken.”

In doing so, they’re using the cover of “positive influence” to trick people into thinking that this type of circumstance is for the betterment of the city. Sure, it can appear that way on paper.

But what happened to the very BASIC SERVICES from the city for your quarterly property tax bill? And they still need your help (and blame it on the weather) – You have to ask yourself “what are you doing with the $100+ million dollars every year?

  • Giving themselves and their friends dramatic pay raises?
  • Hiring dozens of law firms for basic cases that should be handled in-house?
  • Pointing fingers and sending press releases instead of getting off their butts?
  • Stealing even more money for minor parking issues – even when they DON’T clean the streets?

The Mayor gets a fat six-figure salary with lavish health benefits – and they have the nerve to ask for FREE HELP?

Someone should organize a CITY HALL PROTEST for the same date & time. Dust off your pitchforks, people! Don’t let them fool you! If you don’t want to protest – take pictures of the volunteers. Then post online with the caption “SUCKERS.”

Hoboken needs free help cleaning streets with 100 million budget