Upskirt Photos – in the spotlight

Cheerleader Upskirt Photo LegalAnyone who has scanned the “headlines” this month – might have stumbled upon the “ruling” a Massachusetts judge made, which essentially said that some “upskirt photos” a dude in Boston took were NOT illegal.

For those who don’t quite understand what “upskirt photos” are, let me sum it up simply. “Upskirts” are one of possibly thousands of different “sexual perversion” categories (for lack of a better word.) You can call it “turn ons,” or “fantasies” or whatever. Some people are voyeurs, others like cross-dressing, some people like S&M, torture, role-playing or group sex, the list goes on. Some categories are quite weird indeed.

In the case of “upskirts” I guess some people (men mostly) just get a kick out of seeing what would essentially be considered “forbidden” or naughty. I don’t know. There are thousands of websites dedicated to this – and you can find (non-X-rated) upskirt videos on YouTube as well. In fact many tabloids often feature “wardrobe malfunctions” and upskirt shots of celebrities getting out of limos, etc. This facet of society exists – like it or not.

Upskirt Photos – 8 questions everyone should be asking

Tennis Upskirt picture LegalAfter that not-guilty “ruling” in MA, “lawmakers” there are now rushing to “outlaw” such photos – and here come the followers – now “lawmakers” in New Jersey are looking to ban upskirt photos too.

Why these so-called “lawmakers” are now rushing to add another layer of law to the books is a bit of a concern to me. Because I’m not so sure they truly “thought it out.”

I recently got into a debate with a lawyer friend of mine – and came up with 8 things about Upskirt photos and public places to think about:

  1. If you’re in a PUBLIC place, and you can see something with your bare eyes – why should it be “illegal” to take a picture of it? As long as you don’t violate someones personal space (i.e., by putting your hands or camera between their legs), what “offense” have you committed?
  2. Should banning short skirts be next? Or banning SITTING on the subway if you’re wearing such a short skirt? What if a child sees the girl’s panties? Aren’t the girls the reason we have this “problem” to begin with? If they’re free to wear whatever they want, isn’t that a risk they take? Maybe they like it too?
  3. What if a person SEES “upskirt,” and goes home to pleasure himself (based on recollection), should that be illegal? How do you enforce that?
  4. What if an ARTIST starts sketching an “upskirt drawing” while viewing a girl on the subway? Should that be illegal?
  5. What about people with PHOTOGRAPHIC memories (Eidetic memory)? Should they all be put behind bars or robbed of their money?
  6. Should CHEERLEADERS start wearing PANTS? Those look pretty much like upskirts to me! What about female TENNIS players?
  7. What about the BEACH? Aren’t bikini’s essentially the same as panties? Heck, they even wear thongs! Should photography at beaches be banned?
  8. Now that new technology like GOOGLE GLASS is upon us – do you ban those as well?

Upskirt photo ban a slippery slope to be on

Bikini Bottom Girls Picture LegalI see this whole situation as a “slippery slope.” These “lawmakers” are creating yet another notch in the “police state” we’re now living in. You cannot just band-aid the problems of society with law after law after law. As you can see here, there are many levels of right and wrong. Should a lonely pervert be able to find pleasure in something? Everyone – I mean practically everyone has a camera these days. What are they “guilty” of, other than “offending” someone?

Do the girls that KNOWINGLY wear provocative clothing play a role in this as well? Sure, if Brad Pitt took the same photo of the girl, she’d be all gaga with giggles.

In the end – I think “outlawing” something you can see with your naked eyes is a very dangerous road to travel on. Right or wrong, we live in a high-tech world – with cameras filming practically everything. Red light cameras. Security cameras on buildings. Google Street View. Facial recognition software. You probably get photographed 100 times per day WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION. To start cherry-picking just one little thing wrong with photography is not a precedent you want to set.

Mo’ technology – Mo’ problems, I guess.