Hoboken Street Cleaning SHAM continues… no improvements

Many residents are really getting angry at the complete ineptitude and “excuses” from the city of Hoboken. Like we’ve already pointed out – the city is NOT cleaning the streets (at least not all of them).

Some residents have also reported multiple sightings of RATS boldly walking amongst the garbage in broad daylight. Many have emailed the city with no response (I guess the PR dopes at city hall are too busy crafting “good news” announcements to look for themselves).

Here’s a couple reader-submitted shots from this week – including one from 4pm today. Look at that massive mound of outright garbage on the streets. Not just twigs and pebbles.

“Hello, Hoboken Environmental Services. How can I pull the wool over your eyes today?”

Hoboken Street Cleaning SHAM FAIL

Hoboken money machine: Street Cleaning SHAM

3/10/2014 Update:

No one is awake. The fact that there aren’t pitchforks and torches at City Hall means you’re all doomed. Throughout the winter, the city has had NO problem ticketing, towing residents and visitors for violations like “street cleaning,” yet no city work was done (other than the grueling effort put in to issue said tickets).

Then you have situations like this – where residents actually moved ALL the cars (clear and free) – and NO ONE CAME TO CLEAN THE STREETS!

I thought Hoboken was all “eco-conscious,” meanwhile look at all the fossil fuel that was burned moving these cars for NO GOOD REASON.

People should send bills into city hall (attn: D. Zimmer) to get compensated for gas, wear and tear on their cars, as well as lost time. I think a fair rebate is $2,000 per person, since that’s the same amount as the completely unconstitutional fine each bozo gets for sipping warm beer out of a plastic cup on St. Paddy’s Day.

Hoboken street cleaning sham NOT happening

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