La Isla at Maxwell Place

A year ago – we talked about some speculation regarding what retail tenants were going to open up over at Maxwell Place. So far – two out of three were spot on!

One, was a doctor’s office (Riverside Medical).

And construction workers recently confirmed that La Isla is coming to the southwest corner of 12th & Shipyard. Wonder how the high rent will factor in the the cost of the food!

La Isla Hoboken NJ Maxwel Place

So – what’s happening at Maxwell Place in Hoboken?

3/7/2014 Update:

Maxwell Place retail rumors in Hoboken NJ La IslaThe third phase of Maxwell Place uptown is pretty much done. Sidewalks and roads open, and the last bits and pieces of the building are being wrapped up. But what about the street-level retail? All that open space ripe for the taking!

We recently discovered that Bright Horizons Family Solutions was expanding their kiddie care center. But what else? Buzz on the street at the moment is:

  • La Isla will be opening a second more upscale Cuban Restaurant. Heard from a reliable source. If accurate, this will be a huge score for uptown residents, as the culinary choices are narrow.
  • A Doctor’s office will be opening next door to the current leasing center. Unsure of the area of practice – but my gut is betting on something related to parenting or OB-GYN? Just a guess, though.
  • And lastly – and purely a “street rumor,” but a friend of mine said a construction worker told them another Starbucks is going in. While two Starbucks practically next to each other is next to impossible (except in NYC), the idea of Starbucks MOVING to a bigger location doesn’t seem unreasonable. The current space is way over-crowded (especially with the double-stroller SUV’s blocking everyone!) We’ll see if that pans out…

What do you think is “much needed” in this area?

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