Bicycle Friendly Community {part-time}

Even a Bicycle Friendly Community needs a break from friendliness!

Is Hoboken NJ really a bicycle friendly communityWe’ve pointed out in the past, that some “League” of similarly-minded bike advocates deemed that Hoboken, NJ was considered a “Bicycle Friendly Community.”

Part of the reason, we believe, is because Hoboken slapped some paint on the (exceedingly rough and unsafe) pavement, threw a few bike racks around and have new “bike rental” programs that will cost exorbitantly more than owning your own bike over time. Par for the course in this town, I suspect.

However, as you can see from the following pictures, Hoboken is NOT a friendly bike community.

Plows decimate bike, bike rack and everything in-between

Wowie! I’m not sure whether a snow plow busted up this “bike storage area” or it was a space-age robotic wrecking machine.

But over by the A&P Supermarket, what was once a “robust” and vibrant bike rack, is now a mangled piece of metal (probably made in China). I’ll tell you this much, this most likely was no accident, where the plow “inadvertantly” clipped the “eco-friendly” transportation hub. This boy probably floored the gas pedal and made mincemeat of the metal on purpose. Bet he had some laugh-riot stories at the pub that night!

Bicycle Friendly Community sure shredded in Hoboken NJ

Bike owners even hate their own bikes in Hoboken

You know, if bikers in Hoboken cared about their wheels – they’d bring them inside and protect them prior to inclement weather and frozen, icy conditions. Even if they live in a closet they can barely make the rent on!

But whomever owns this rickety “sky blue” 10-speed, obviously could give two craps about it. They left it to freeze and rot in the garbage-filled sidewalks on Washington Street.

C’mon dude, at least give the bike a dignified death! I’m sure this person wouldn’t think twice about leaving a newborn baby on someone’s doorstep either.

Perhaps we should “amend” the Bicycle Friendly Community signs around town to add “only over 60 degrees and wearing Birkenstocks…?”

Snowed in Bike on Washington Street hoboken NJ

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4 Comments on "Bicycle Friendly Community {part-time}"

1 year 11 months ago

That electric blue bike’s caption bubble gave me a good laugh.

1 year 11 months ago

No bike press conferences any time soon.

joey maxim
1 year 11 months ago

who needs a bike? 500 dollar bikes only to be stolen ..this is not Tribeca or soho..key is to get a good excecize bike for around 400 .00 no worry no fear ,but its their call ..[quote comment=”222664″]No bike press conferences any time soon.[/quote]

1 year 11 months ago

The term “bike friendly” seems irresponsible. One should not be lulled into thinking that cycling, in a heavily congested area, especially one where neither cyclist nor motor vehicles obey road rules, is safe. Even in towns with dedicated bike lanes, it can be very risky. You ca find ample evidence just type in bicycle deaths.