Hiding something? Hoboken City Hall Shredding Party

Dawn Zimmer Hoboken City Hall Shredding PartySeveral witness said that there was a massive Hoboken City Hall Shredding Party over the past week (and since the subpoenas were issued in Diary-Gate). Bags upon bags of shredded documents outside Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s office, as well as the law department. Interesting timing, eh?

That begs a few questions:

  • What are they trying to hide, destroy or cover up?
  • Isn’t there a minimum amount of time ALL city documents must be retained? Confidential or not?
  • What about the city’s electronic records? Isn’t there supposed to be off-site backups which cannot be deleted? When was the last time the state audited the city’s electronic data retention policy?

Hoboken City Hall Shredding Party NJ Dawn Zimmer Subpoena

Hoboken NJ

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