Snowy Study in Contrast: Hoboken v. Weehwaken

Hoboken is the most affluent city in Hudson County. Why is it, that after just a few snowfalls, that other cities handle it better? Jersey City did a better job, and every single city in the county did better than Hoboken. Here’s a study in contrast: Hoboken vs. Weehawken. We received countless emails from amateur athletes who were getting stir-crazy this winter, and just wanted to go out for a nice run.

The waterfront walkways in Hoboken – in this example, uptownwere starkly different.

The Hoboken side was icy and treacherous. The second you got to the Weehawken side? Clear, dry and safe.

I suppose we can use instances like this to gauge the capability (or ineptitude) of individual local governments. If it was a boxing match, ding-ding, over in a first round knockout.

Hoboken Weehawken NJ Waterfront Walkway Study in Contrast

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