Hoboken Snow Day Tidbits – February 13, 2014

Anyone who’s not passed out already knows we had a big “snow day” today in Hoboken – and the “2nd round” of snow is supposedly going to drop a few more inches of fluffy stuff on top of the already close to a foot of snow we’ve received already. Joy.

So, here are a few Hoboken Snow Day Tidbits to round out this (exhausting) day.

Zimmer knowingly destroying all vehicles traversing Hoboken

You read that right. Anyone who drives knows full well that the POTHOLES in town are at an ALL-TIME WORST. And guess what our lovely “administration” is doing about it? NOTHING. They apparently will not fix the roads until the spring, according to Dawn Zimmer. While that would be a fiscally sound decision if it were your own personal property, the city does have a responsibility to make the roads safe and avoid damage to the property taxpayers vehicles.

Not repairing the roads will will keep visitors out. And hurt local businesses, as well as the pocket books of those who’s cars get wrecked. Any enterprising lawyers out there? This sounds like “class action suit” based on “admitted negligence.”

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer refuses to repair deteriorating road conditions and potholes

Valentine’s Day RUINED!

Gotta love this headline from the Drudge Report. “Valentine’s Day Ruined!”

We don’t really care – as you already read – but I’m sure there are millions of let-down souls out there. Sorry!

Drudge Report Valentine's Day Ruined February 2014

It was bad before – imagine Hoboken tomorrow?

Hoboken was already in bad shape after a couple moderate storms.

Cars parked on ice-mountains:
SUV parks on snow ice mountain in Hoboken NJ

Bus lines were around the block:
NJ transit bus lines Hoboken NJ around the block

Can’t wait to see what it’s like tomorrow and this weekend!

Obligatory Hoboken Snow Storm Gallery

And here are some (original) photos taken around town earlier this afternoon. Hardly anyone was brave enough to go trekking in this. What a bunch of weenies everyone has become!

Enjoy the 2nd round of the storm!