One Night Stand at Hoboken Wellness Spa

Hey now! Not what you think it is! This one night stand in town is over at the Hoboken Wellness Spa (7th & Adams) tomorrow night (Feb. 13th) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

This Hoboken “Beauty Bar” is holding this luscious event, and will be offering all sorts of “freebies,” giveaways and raffles.

As part of this networking / marketing event – attendees will also receive complimentary cocktails, desserts, lip & hand treatments, “eyelash consultations,” and discounted “eyebrow shaping.”

If you’re not snowed in – check it out! (Alternate dates will be posted in comments section if it gets rescheduled due to weather).

One Night Stand Hoboken Wellness Spa February 13 2014

One a side note – weren’t “one night stands” kind of rare a few decades ago? I get this odd feeling that no one can even differentiate between a one-night stand and their normal dating life anymore. “Shit” kind of just happens for people with little consequence or concern. Back in the day, a one night stand was practically shameful – for both parties. Oh well, par for the course for our “circle the drain” society these days…