Letter: HHA – “A Hoboken Snow Job”

Well, we already know the city still can’t figure out how to properly plow the streets and parking spots. But it seems that the folks down in the Hoboken Housing Authority have even it worse off, as one resident wrote in to Hoboken411 said:

“I recently read your article about the selective ticketing process that HPU has been running during these winter storms. I thought you would like to know about the recent actions Housing Authority has taken on cars, particularly during this “snow-pocalypse.” While HPU has been playing a game of duck-duck-goose with administering parking tickets, the same game is going on by the Housing Authority. Only the residents are getting towed for parking on some corners, while the snow is blocking a third of parking in the streets. Also, some of the parking areas designated for Housing residents have not been properly plowed.

HHA residents snow job in Hoboken NJ

During the last few snowstorms, the blocks between Harrison Street and Marshall Drive were left with snow slush, while the rest of the town had black top streets. Since it is Housing’s responsibility to maintain these streets, it has given a clear indication of the quality of care Hoboken housing residents receive versus the rest of the town.

About a year ago, it seems like Hoboken Housing took full responsibility over certain blocks in Hoboken. Once this change occurred, out of nowhere, residents were getting towed for parking on specific corners, while the rest of the town only gets tickets for doing the same act. A $54 ticket on the corner versus a $152-200 tow fee for parking on a HHA corner is a huge difference.

Considering that this area is designated for residents with financial limitations, this seems like an oxymoron to me. Also, we never received notification that this change was going to take effect on certain blocks. It got to the point where myself, as well as other residents have to warn visitors verbally of parking in the corners on specific blocks to prevent them from being towed.

HHA residents shafted during snow season in Hoboken

All of this leads to this week. A few cars were towed because they were parked on the corners. Mind you cars that were parked on the same corners during the storm were not towed in the previous days. Tons of snow are covering the “yellow lines” that would notify you of so called restriction (even though there are no signs warning you of towing). Some parking spots are so full of snow and ice, you cannot pull in them without shoveling out a mountain of snow or having a monster truck. I have spoken to residents of Jersey City, and they have not gone through this same nonsense. It looks like Jersey City’s administration has common sense in regards to snow storms and parking.

Apparently, Housing Authority has decided to copy the same draconian policies as Hoboken Parking Utility. As for the “tow signs,” they are only located by the parking lots, and not by the designated blocks where you can get towed as well. The parking in this town is getting out of hand by the day. This towing with mounds of snow all over the place is the last straw. Residents have trouble finding parking on a perfect day. Finding parking in this town on a snow day is an expert level of difficulty. It is time this town and the administration stop being greedy and for once, be considerate of the needs of residents. Also practicing some common sense would help.

Whether you make $5,000/yr or $500,000/yr, at some point, these draconian parking laws will affect you or those close to you. This town needs some positive changes for once, instead of “dear diary” drama against Chris Christie. Between the Sandy victims being hi-jacked, the ridiculous parking laws, poor ranking schools, and the sheer corruption of some of our “leadership”, I have had enough of this town.

Most residents may not know me or miss me when I do decide to move. But those residents who have had enough will eventually have an impact once we leave. People will look beyond the Carlo’s bakery hype, and see the local government for what it really is. I hope sooner or later, that positive changes will come to this city that I used to love so much. But for myself, and many others I know, it looks like it is time for us to move on.

Lifelong resident throwing in the towel