Hoboken “snow plowing” and more…

Yep – almost 50 degrees today – and the Hoboken snow plowing commences. Odd that it’s taking place here on 3rd between Washington & Hudson (aren’t the “snow emergency routes” more important?)

Hoboken NJ Snow Removal February 20 2014

Hoboken “snow re-distribution” is more like it…

It was funny, because they were desperately trying to pile as much snow as possible in the dump trucks, that a ton of it came pouring back into the streets.

You can bet that another half of it fell BACK onto the streets as they took it wherever it was going – while slamming into one of the one million Hoboken potholes. “Re-distribution of snow wealth!” Hooray!

Hoboken will probably try to take credit for the “epic cleanup job” after 85% of it melts by Sunday.

Hoboken NJ Snow Removal Too Little Too Late

Any hit & run witnesses?

Lastly – some black SUV was hit on February 18th – and they’re looking for any eyewitnesses that can help them.

Hoboken NJ Snow Hit and Run sign

Hoboken: Weak effort at snow cleanup

2/18/2014 Update:

Like we mentioned last week – the city used to put in a strong effort at cleaning the streets. Including temporarily moving cars and putting them back. What does Hoboken do in 2014? Shrug their shoulders, give up – and blame people for not moving. While that is partially true (people ought to get off their butts and move their cars), at least Hoboken showed some initiative back in the day. Perhaps the city lawyers nixed the idea.

Gotta love how the city boasts “America’s Most Walkable City…” Tell that to the hundreds of people who slipped and fell on the ice!

Hoboken Americas Most Walkable City NOT when it snows

Here’s what the city sent out this afternoon:

Street cleaning ticketing suspended

“Street cleaning enforcement is suspended until further notice. Unfortunately, because many vehicles remain parked during street cleaning hours, there is insufficient space on most streets to maneuver the payloader needed to clear ice from parking lanes. While the City is not issuing tickets for street cleaning, a payloader and Bobcat are being used to clear open parking spaces, catch basins, and corners where possible in anticipation of a storm forecast for later this week.”

Hoboken snow plowing hits all-time low – can’t manage easy storms?


While we have had an unpleasantly cold winter so far – and some regular bouts of moderate snow, it certainly doesn’t rank up there with some of the other years (up to date at least). No massive blizzards or the like.

So why is Hoboken having such an issue with clearing the streets? Worse than I ever recall seeing how mis-managed the city really is.

Hoboken Snow Plowing botched 2014

Back in the day – they’d move your car for you – FREE

Those that have lived in Hoboken long enough, remember the days of previous administrations – where they actually CARED, and made the city more livable.

Did you know that instead of ticketing cars (and not cleaning the streets), Hoboken used to actually SHUT the road down, TEMPORARILY tow cars away from the curb – PLOW the streets (removing snow elsewhere) and they’d actually PUT THE CARS BACK?

It was done as a courtesy.

Streets were clean, cars could park, and visitors would have no problems enjoying the many stores and restaurants the city has to offer. It happened relatively quickly, with the busier streets being taken care of first.

Now? If they can’t make a dime for their own pay raises – they’d rather let the city look like Alaska.

Hoboken Snow Plowing botch job 2014 Dawn Zimmer