Super Bowl Stuff

Super Bowl Stuff – Private Club!

You see all the crappy Super Bowl stuff they’re hawking at the Hoboken Huddle down at Pier A Park?

“Official Merchandise” (probably made in China for pennies) being sold for $40 or more. Some sweatshirts were $150!

Man, this Super Bowl is a private club for sure. While they rape you and your hard earned money – other people trying to make a living selling their own Super Bowl gear are getting thrown in cages. Can’t have anyone else take the billionaires scraps. No way!

So strange. You can’t even say the phrase “Super Bowl” on radio ads. Copyrighted.

One day the Bread & Circus parade will come to an end. But until then, these sorry dads have to fork over boatloads of cash to appease their whiny sons.

Super Bowl Stuff for sale Hoboken NJ Pier A Park

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2 years 4 months ago

Meanwhile all the security and logistics are taxpayer funded. Socialism and welfare for the rich.

2 years 4 months ago
So I just got home and before parking we decided to take the kids up to pier A to take a picture with the roman numerals. Looks like the Mayor and her clown crew have figured out how to kill off whatever little business was going to be generated by the Super Bowl. Aside from the vendors, there were 5 other people on the pier. One vender told me that it has been a miserable experience. I couldn’t help but notice the over reaction on the part of the city taking place outside city hall. Can someone tell me why… Read more »