Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too

Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too now open in Hoboken, NJ

Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too is now open in Hoboken as of April 2014.

Clem's steaks unlimted too now open Hoboken NJ

Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too – Hoboken, NJ – 79 Hudson Street

Steaks Unlimited Hoboken NJ 79 Hudson Street PATHTaking the place of the doomed Windmill Hot Dogs at 79 Hudson Street is Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too.

Steaks Unlimited is known to those who frequent Seaside Heights (or as many up here call “Sleazeside Heights”), as a greasy fast / hangover food option that has been around since the early 2000’s. We’ve eaten there before, and as they say “you pay for what you get,” but in a bind it did the trick.

They sell a variety of cheese steaks (on “pizza bread”), PIZZA, funnel cake, and other colon-cleansing treats like porkroll & cheese, cheese balls, jalapeno poppers, and… you get the idea. (Burp!)

Pizza is definitely in an upswing here in Hoboken as you know – especially since the “legendary” Maxwell’s – is essentially going to be “family friendly” Maxwell’s Pizza now. All those carbs – and the city might need more room in the waist than just 1.3 square miles.

One thing though, is that I doubt you’ll see the lower “shore prices” when they open up. And how they’ll fare against the competition around the corner like Papaya Dog (open 24 hours), and Basile’s Pizza remains to be seen. I mean the crowd that buys $1 drafts at Green Rock doesn’t typically have much left over for a $10 steak not including sides or drinks. We’ll see!

Clem's Steaks Unlimited Too Hoboken NJ 79 Hudson Street

Description: Fast food
Address: 79 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: steaksunlimited.comFacebook

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