Christie Zimmer Caption Contest

Win movie tickets! Christie Zimmer Caption Contest in Hoboken, NJ

A Hoboken411 reader provided a fun idea: A caption contest (or “fill in the bubble” contest) featuring Chris Christie as “Charlie Brown” – and Dawn Zimmer as the pesky and annoying “Lucy” who always pulled the football away from poor ‘ole Chuck when he went to kick it. I had to remove the verbiage they originally included in the cartoon (the two initials were “F” and “C.”)

So what do you think Chris is saying to Dawn in this scene entitled “New Jersey Okey Dokey Bowl?” (You can include references to Dawn Diary-Gate or not. Your choice.)

Winner will receive 10 (ten) free passes to the Hoboken Movie Theater.

Christie Zimmer Caption Contest

8 Responses

  1. JohnnyActionSpacePun says:

    My entry. Yes it was a great idea.

  2. trueblue11 says:

    I was gonna say, “looks like it’s time for some traffic problems in Hoboken”…but somebody beat me to it!

  3. animal_lover says:

    “I heard you can help me with the bridge problem – that you are able to make cars disappear.”

  4. Frankie says:

    F*** the ball, I’m gonna kick her head from now on!

    • spiffy says:

      I have a better one, Frankie. Switch the bubble around “Please kick ME Charlie Brown! I need more media attention as the victim again!”[quote comment=”222497″]F*** the ball, I’m gonna kick her head from now on![/quote]

  5. JohnnyActionSpacePun says:

    I meant the contest was a great idea, not necessarily my post.

  6. onedder says:

    “If you want that funding, you’ll hold that fucker steady this time.”

  7. LobstaGirl says:

    Hey Chris, when I nod my head, you kick it….Oh, I will Dawn, I will……

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