Sandy Funding – why does anyone feel it is “automatic?”

Where does Sandy Funding money come fromSo the past week we’ve been force-fed misleading headlines that made people believe that “Sandy Funding” was withheld from Hoboken. It’s said that Zimmer couldn’t even differentiate between relief money and “future disaster mitigation money.”

Whatever. But what no one is asking the bigger question. Does anyone (city, state, person) “deserve” any disaster relief money?

Why do politicians come across as if they are OWED money from someone else?

For starters, all this so-called money “up for grabs” is in one way or another YOURS or your brothers, or friend from somewhere else in the country. And by that I mean the general public. It is derived from TAXES. Whether local, county, state or federal – SOME working Joe or Jane’s money went into that so-called “honey pot” of dough.

The whole system of “grant” and “aid” money is a sham, and is unsustainable.

What if (like the global warming alarmists are saying), we had a “superstorm” every year. Each and every one. One after another. What then? Keep taxing and re-distributing until we have a 100% tax rate plus forced slave labor to clean up each time we flood? Nope. That wouldn’t work.

So Hoboken would get hundreds of millions for walls and pumps. Then when that doesn’t work, billions for a massive dome. And when that collapses on 50,000 people, then what?

Saving for a rainy day a thing of the past?

What ever happened to “rainy day funds” for disasters? Oh, you didn’t plan on the 100 year storm 100 years ago? Well, then what happened to just “suffering” during the time you rebuild? Why does all this “aid” have to come so immediately? Why the knee-jerk reactions & regulations that end up turning into higher fees, taxes and other ways for governments of all sizes to siphon money from the public?

But there you have it – instead of budget cuts and pay reductions to augment the “rainy day fund,” the Mayor wants to property owners taxes to pad the wallets of her friends working at city hall.

If you don’t see how this is not a stable way of managing things – well, then I don’t know what to tell you.