Hoboken City Council Meeting of January 22, 2014

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

Hoboken City Council Meeting January 22 2014 NJ Dawn Zimmer Dear Diary

Property taxpayers fund pay raises for Zimmer Cronies!

Yes – you read that right. Instead of “25% reduction in property taxes in the first year alone,” Dawn Zimmer’s election propaganda literature should have said “Vote for me, and I’ll dole out FAT pay raises to my loyal lemming cronies!”

Here are the details, including Zimmer’s “coffee gopher” who now will be making nearly 80k a year to write 160 character Tweets on her behalf:

Zimmer Crony Pay Raises Hoboken NJ

  • Assistant Business Administrator from $125K to $137.5K
  • Business Administrator from $150K to $162.5K
  • Confidential Aide to Mayor from $71.5K to $78K
  • Corporation Counsel from $109,318 to $137.5K
  • Community Development Director from $125K to $137.5K
  • Human Services Director from $125K to $137.5K
  • Public Safety Director from $125K to $137.5K
  • Transportation & Parking Director from $125K to $137.5K

Hoboken City Council Documents for January 22, 2014