Zimmer has questions to answer

Scribbled Zimmer diary nets nothing

Looks like Hoboken “mayor” don Zimmer’s fabricated diary pretty much led to nothing. I wonder how she can sleep at night?

And the sad thing is – that she needed her “spokesperson” to say “no comment” on her behalf. Some strong “mayor” this city has.



Internal Probe: Zimmer allegations “demonstrably false”

3/27/2014 Update:

Cat laughing at Zimmer allegations in Hoboken NJA report has surface in NJ today that delved into the ridiculous debacle known as “Bridgegate,” which apparently shows that what Governor Chris Christie said pretty much “rang true.”

The report also briefly mentions our fumbling “mayor” Dawn Zimmer and her “Diarygate” fairy tale:

“The authors of the report also questioned a separate account by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who accused the governor’s staff of coercing her into green-lighting a real estate deal in exchange for aid for Superstorm Sandy recovery.

“Our investigation found that Mayor Zimmer’s allegations are, in material respects, demonstrably false,” authors wrote. “They are contradicted by contemporaneous documents, other witnesses’ accounts, and her own prior statements. In sum, the subjective perceptions she may have do not match objective reality, as reflected in the hard evidence uncovered during our investigation.”

This is why news “coverage” of “politics” needs to dramatically go away. “He said, she said” time wasters are the worst. What IS is more important, and WHY.

Zimmer accusations change

2/3/2014 Update:

CNN has a report today detailing the contradictions Hoboken “Mayor” Dawn Zimmer has made over the past couple weeks.

Draw the lines, connect the dots, whatever you will – but does it sound like a solid story to you? Or just “political games” and distractions that corrupt our state?

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer contradictions inconsistencies CNN Chris Christie

Report: Hoboken NOT short-changed Sandy Funding

1/26/2014 Update:

Funny. The AP reported today that Hoboken (“New Jersey’s second largest city” – wrong – it’s the 34th largest), was NOT short-changed Hurricane Sandy funding by the Christie Administration, and that it was “on par” with other NJ Towns. No wonder Zimmer is “hush hush” about her diary entries.

Additionally – a piece ran on MSNBS today as well. Check it out. I guess “all publicity is good publicity?”

Zimmer – Simply a Christie Hit Piece?

1/23/2014 Update:

Interesting how Dawn Zimmer didn’t want to “spread the word” of the awful allegations she had to the largest and most viewed news network. Why? Because they’d ask journalistic questions – and not “just serve as a microphone for her charges.”

And see how Zimmer cowers when approached? Wow. And now she’s “dragged” three of her cronies in – Dan “Coffee Boy” Bryan, Juan “Presser” Melli, and Dave “I believe my own BS so much I can pass any lie detector test under the sun” Mello. Maybe those three have something to be worried about…

Watch the last 4 minutes of this video for the most damning part:

Mason: Zimmer should appear in front of Council over Christie allegations

1/20/2014 Update:

“This Council is responsible for oversight of the Zimmer Administration and we have lot of unanswered questions about the Mayor’s actions in this matter.”

Dawn Zimmer Secrets Hoboken NJ

Failing to report has consequences

Earlier today, Hoboken Second Ward Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason released the following statement:

“Over the last two days, I have been carefully watching Mayor Zimmer’s media blitz, in which she directly accuses Governor Chris Christie of tying Hurricane Sandy relief aid to the approval of the Rockefeller project in northwest Hoboken. I suspect most of my constituents are watching just as closely. To be clear, the allegations are deeply disturbing and deserve a comprehensive review by the U.S. Attorney’s office. While at this point, it’s impossible to be sure who is telling the truth, I know one thing. When our Mayor claims our Governor is corrupt, and our Governor is calling our Mayor a liar, it puts our City in a truly awful position.

Over the weekend, the Mayor has been all over MSNBC, CNN and other media outlets with her sensational allegations. But one thing she has not yet done so far is explain her actions to the Hoboken City Council. That is inexcusable. For the last year – during which she was running for re-election on the same ballot as a popular governor – she has been publicly praising Governor Christie while apparently secretly believing he is corrupt. During that entire time, she states she did not go to law enforcement authorities with any her concerns and has claimed only to have told her Chief of Staff about them. Did she obtain any advice on what to do from our Corporation Counsel? Anyone else? I believe she had an obligation, once she heard the Lieutenant Governor and DCA Commissioner supposedly link the vital resources we need for recovery to her support for a major development project in our City, to not just keep it to herself until the most personally and politically advantageous time.

This very week, Dawn Zimmer was quoted in a story entitled “Zimmer talks Christie and hurricane aid,” that “while she’s thought considerably about whether her decision not to endorse Governor Christie played a role in the aid payouts, she is refusing to believe politics are involved.” But we know now the Mayor secretly believed Hoboken was not getting the state support we vitally need because of something else – her lack of full support for the Rockefeller project.

To me, it does not appear she has been completely upfront with the citizens of Hoboken.

Meanwhile, the City is on the hook for well over a million dollars because our former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea recently won his discrimination lawsuit against the Zimmer Administration. During her testimony in that matter the Mayor claimed she fired him in part because he failed to inform law enforcement that he was offered a bribe in return for supporting a development project. At this point, it’s difficult to see the difference in what reportedly happened here.

Given the many questions my Council colleagues and I have about this whole affair, I am respectfully requesting that Mayor Zimmer personally brief us on this matter as soon as possible, whether at our next Council meeting or as soon as a special meeting can be scheduled.

As the body responsible for oversight of the Mayor and her administration, we need to hear directly from her exactly what happened, and, given the total breakdown in the relationship between the Zimmer Administration and the Governor’s office, how we move forward with obtaining the aid we need to rebuild our City and protect it from the next storm. If the Mayor is unwilling to appear on her own accord and answer our questions, then we should direct her to do so using the powers granted to the Council by the Faulkner Act. But I hope and trust that will not be required. Mayor Zimmer must understand that the future of our City may be at stake in how this turns out, and the City Council is obligated to protect the City’s interests in whatever means necessary. I look forward to hearing from her soon.”

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2 years 22 days ago

Zimmer’s story looked very carefully crafted. But what a surprise, no real hard core evidence. A boring attention grab that boils down to he said she said. What next some sound man saying he heard it too? A Democrat smear job.

2 years 22 days ago

If she would have come out with this earlier, then nobody would have believed her, and Hoboken would be no closer to getting the funds. Now that Christie took responsibility for Bridgegate, its clear that her story is true.

Zimmer is the executive and she can make decisions for herself. Christie’s ship is sinking. Hoboken will get whats its due.

2 years 22 days ago

It is clear her story is true based on a totally unrelated issue. That’s your reasoning. If she had compelling evidence she would have been believed on evidence. What does she have now that she did not 8 months ago? No new evidence so it is a he said she said and believing her is purely emotional on how someone feels about Governor and other recent events lend a hand to swaying that emotion. Even if no one believed her, do you think under the spotlight we would not get sandy aid, even if she was not believed. It would… Read more »

2 years 22 days ago

Christie is toast. He thought Hoboken Zimmer would roll like the former mayors who wound up in jail. Hoboken411, way to mix issues with mention of that thug Angel Alicea who once berated me while volunteering for an Arts Festival set-up. The politics in this town drive me crazy — so unproductive — yet I follow nonetheless. AND I don’t hide under fake names like most on this (otherwise very useful, aside from Mason fanboy) site.

joey maxim
2 years 22 days ago

wow ..this is better than a tv soap days of our lives…Angel Alicea and the patrolmans court award comes out of the taxpayers. Pray for better days btw snow on the way.hunker down folks[quote comment=”222418″]Christie is toast. He thought Hoboken Zimmer would roll like the former mayors who wound up in jail. Hoboken411, way to mix issues with mention of that thug Angel Alicea who once berated me while volunteering for an Arts Festival set-up. The politics in this town drive me crazy — so unproductive — yet I follow nonetheless. AND I don’t hide under fake names like most… Read more »

2 years 22 days ago

The real question for the Hoboken residents is why did she not inform the council about delays in receiving funds? She could have informed them with out the accusations about the governor. What has she said to them regarding Sandy Funds? I support Beth in asking the Mayor to answers questions to the council.

2 years 22 days ago

She hid the names of the people she wanted on the Planning Board. The names were not available to the non-Zimmmer council members before the vote – also not published in the agenda for the public to have advance knowledge either.