City daycare in Hoboken pushing the limits?

We walk by this daycare / “child holding facility” at 12th & Washington all the time (Hoboken Children’s Academy), and can’t help but wonder if this kind of “play area” they have practically on the curb next to the busiest street in town is something that just isn’t right. I know the hectic two income households in town are busy pushing out kid after kid, and someone needs to take care of them – but at what price?

First of all, it’s so tiny and confining – I’d suspect these kids might grow up with anxiety disorders.

Additionally, isn’t this dangerous? One slip by a facility worker, and a child might be plastered under the NJ Transit 126 bus right across the street.

Lastly – with the “shady” YMCA just a block away, isn’t it a little risky to have kids outside playing like this?

Hoboken Childrens Academy play area on Washington Street

Oh – and to fit in with the “blockage” trend – this is the same academy that hogs the sidewalks with massive strollers.

Is this as good as “city living” gets or does something have to give?

Hoboken Childrens Academy strollers hog sidewalks

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