All Super-bowled out by excessive hype

Over-hyped Super Bowl momentum building in Hoboken NJDo you feel that marketing and promotion for the Super Bowl has for a long time become so over-hyped, overwhelming and “in your face,” that there is NO PLACE you can escape it? Even for people like us, who no longer watch TV or follow sports like we used to – it’s absolutely amazing the far-reach that this “event” has. Talk about the prime “Bread & Circus” event of the year. It probably now out-ranks New Year’s Eve as the top excuse to drink too much and act like buffoons.

But everyone and their brother are tapping into this media spectacle weeks before the actual game. I spent just a few minutes perusing the various events happening in the NYC area (including the Hoboken Huddle), and it’s mind-numbing. Just reading the “Media Day Fueled by Gatorade” piece on the NFL website made me nauseous. “Fans can sit in the stands and watch media from around the world interview players” and stuff like “Fans also have access to concession and merchandise stands throughout the day” screams consumerism & consumption. And to make this even more of an insult to the brain-dead zombies is that you have to pay $30 bucks for the privilege to buy more stuff. Fool me twice.

What ever happened to having your own hobbies or productive ways to use your time? Like improving your own talent or skill instead of watching grown men in tights, who are paid millions to toss a leather ball around and grab one another. Stop enabling them!

And here’s a double-whammy. Mystery meat peddling McDonald’s also has a big sponsorship in the game – plastering their windows with more reminders about the event. Isn’t that against city ordinance?

I’ll bet 99% of the public won’t even be thinking about the Super Bowl just a couple days after. Because they’ll already be consumed by the next distraction. Never ending!

over-hyped super bowl marketing mcdonalds Hoboken NJ

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