CNG Charging Station for Hoboken Bars?

Would Hoboken Bars benefit from CNG Charging Stations?

CNG Charging Station in Hoboken NJHoboken411 reader Jennifer shared this video with us this afternoon, a CNG Charging Station – which is all about charging your cell phone at a bar or restaurant.

“Why with all of the bars/restaurants in Hoboken, have I not seen these! What a great thing for Hoboken watering holes to have for their customers!!!! It’s such an obvious convenience for patrons. Wish I thought of it!”

As you can see in the video – it’s a “pay for charge” station, with every known wire dangling from it. My guess is it’s probably like $5 for like 10 minutes of charge.

I suppose if you were in a bind, getting 5-10% of charge back might be worth it. Otherwise, you’d be better off being prepared with your own spare USB battery pack.

I wonder how “idiot proof” these kiosks are. I can see some tool drunk on Red Bull & Vodkas ripping all the wires out and smashing the LCD brainwashing advertising screen.

This thing may be a fad that will only be short-lived – because in a couple years, all phones will have wireless charge capability.

Would you like to see the CNG Charging Station in Hoboken?

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9 Responses

  1. livestrong says:

    I think it’s a good business idea because of the rising number of people who live & breathe through their phones. Would never need it myself, though.

    What I would put money in is a site cell phone jammer! 😆

  2. Dora says:

    That commercial looks like it was shot at Scotland Yard.

  3. Swaby says:

    Pretty certain the Wicked Wolf already has one of these installed. Never actually have seen someone using them, but in theory they make sense.

  4. rich k says:

    The phrase is “COULDN’T care less…” and I couldn’t. Great way for the quick-of-hand to pick up a cheap Android phone, though. (Forget iPhones – their new lockout software makes them useless to resell now.)

  5. Frankie says:

    How do you know they’re not stealing personal info off the phones? No thanks.

  6. sashadash says:

    This is Sasha, co-founder of CNG Systems LLC. I wanted to add a little more context to the article. Our charging stations only cost $2 to use for a 1 hr charge at Scotland Yard. Our products are manufactured in the USA and we do routine maintenance of our products. Our charging stations come in different styles and offer an HD LCD screen to display digital based content, as well as advertising potential. We also offer multiple Charging Solutions, including our trade-mark Phone Check Concierge service, ideal for events such as music festivals and trade shows. Learn more about us at and like us at!

    PS – we have no interest in your information Frankie, as tempting as it is!

  7. MacbookPro says:

    Horrible idea. I’m sure it will makes millions.

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