Yep. It snowed in Hoboken. Hardly an “EMERGENCY!”

There you have it folks. We had what amounted to a fairly “standard” winter weather event. Not a paralyzing situation by any means. It was quite pretty in fact, until the dirty streets and sidewalks tainted the white snow (it was hard to find perfectly clean spots – but we managed to get lucky a few times).

But what has gotten much worse over the years is the over-reaching of the governments (state, local) with their “state of emergency” nonsense. Also – the “media” alarmists are the worst. The verbiage used to describe these events: “NJ braces for snow” or “Buried by a couple inches” or my favorite “100 million affected!!” For crying out loud. Why sensationalize? It was just snow.

The cold and brisk winds on the other hand is no fun at all.

How are they going to top themselves for the next storm? Perhaps they’ll just call the storm “Icy Death?”

It’s winter. Here’s some snow for ya.

1/1/2014 Update:

“Winter Storm Warning” in effect for Hoboken. 6 to 8 fluffy inches of snow. But damn freezing wind chills. Bust out the long underwear!

Winter Storm Warning Hoboken NJ

Winter Storm Hoboken NJ January 2 2014 Accumulation Map

Hoboken might get a nice snowy start to new year 2014

12/31/2013 Update:

No reason to panic! But if you watch “team coverage” MSM you might begin stocking up as if Armageddon is imminent.

Anyway, forecasts for this upcoming snow have been all over the map, and from what we understand still isn’t nailed down precisely (as to exactly how much and where – but the cold air is certainly in place.) But the safe prediction is One to 16 inches possible. Haha!

I can say one thing, be happy it didn’t happen tonight. That would have been a nightmare on Amateur Night! Just practice common sense and you’ll be all good to go. Have fun with it! Maybe some people will even get an extra day or two off?

Snowy start to new year 2014

Northeast and Hoboken NJ Snow January 2 2014 into January 3

Hoboken NJ

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