WTF? Is La Casetta Pizza doomed too?

La Casetta Pizza doomed in Hoboken NJSome doomed businesses in Hoboken can be attributed to common reasons. Most often, it’s the parking psychosis in Hoboken, as well as other anti-business regulations that the block-heads at City Hall continually spew out that kill our local economy. They never get it. However, in the case of La Casetta Pizza – we’re not 100% sure.

We don’t know the details behind what’s happening at La Casetta Pizza, but they’ve been closed without saying why for nearly a week. Whether it was just plain bad management, or a money-laundering operation gone sour, or just a crackpot collection of dimwitted dopes. Surely the business-hating local politicians (you allow to stay in office) can contribute – but these guys were certainly fools on their own.

They ran a fairly good “promotion:” A plain pizza for $7.99. It was better than acceptable from what we heard. But they FUCKING SUCKED with customer service. Never answered the phone. Didn’t care if they sold any food. Delivery sometimes, other times no delivery. Completely inconsistent. Closed half the time, too. This is what happens when people who don’t know shit run your business. If they cared for ONE second that treating customers well is paramount in a service-based industry, they would be flourishing. Instead – they’re “mysteriously” closed with no explanation.

So – we’re not certain if they’re closed for good, on vacation or just dead in the back room – because there’s no sign. But Vegas odds-makers (who have a job until their dwindling water supply dries up), are putting their money on “Doomed Dopes” over all other picks.

La Casetta Pizza Hoboken NJ appears doomed CLOSED

La Casetta Pizza (La Caseta) opens at Park & 6th in Hoboken

12/19/2013 Update:

La Casetta Pizza Hoboken NJFinally getting this off my to-do list, but the location at Park & 6th is now officially resurrected. La Casetta Pizza (or La Caseta if you look at the spelling on their menu).

It’s a very unassuming place that’s been open a little more than a week. Looks barren on the inside, but judging by their menu – wow you can get like 100′s of items and even catering. Local school kids nearby seemed to love the place already. Soups are a big hit apparently, considering the cold weather.

I tried a slice because I hadn’t eaten in days, and it was OK. Fairly priced, considering they slice the pies in SIX instead of EIGHT pieces.

They’re open DAILY from 8am to 11pm, which gives them a chance – plus they serve breakfast as well. Finally a business that understands the diverse schedule of the neighborhood. But one thing they ought to do is try and fix the smell of the tainted oil (it was like that in the last place too). Perhaps changing one of the kitchen pieces might help.

See menu inside photo gallery below.

Description: Pizza, deli, grill.
Address: 539 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-6363
Email: none
Online: no online presence currently available