Snow impediments mean nothing to strollers…

Okay, we’ve already mentioned that the stroller blockage around 12th & Washington was bad enough on “regular” days, but how about “snow days?”

They do not give a crap. The strollers are worth more than gold dipped in batter and deep-fried. No matter now much snow falls, the strollers MUST be within inches of the toddler that was transported in them.

Before – barely two people could cross in opposite directions. Now? Barely ONE person can walk without slipping on ice (or messing up fancy shoes).

At what point does “political correctness” get discarded for “common sense?”

Stroller blockage in Hoboken NJ 12th Washington

Hoboken stroller congestion makes the news

1/3/2014 Update:

CBS 2 News was recently inspired by Hoboken411 for some “filler material” during one of their broadcasts. They picked the fun & exciting story about entitled moms & nannies who bombard the world with strollers!

Hoboken Stroller Sidewalk Blockage: “Look the other way…”


Just like yesterday’s “Baby Strollers Gone Viral” post – here’s another disturbing trend here in town – Hoboken Stroller Sidewalk Blockage.

You see, I’m not picking on families with strollers (kids or not), but rather the self-important people who don’t consider others – especially when living in cramped city quarters.

This mom probably said “I’m going to lock my stroller in the most convenient way TO ME, screw everyone else!”

Sadly – this is the mentality more and more people are embracing these days: The ME, ME, ME attitude.

Frankly, I’m trying to do my part to equalize this horrible trend. By holding doors more often, driving slower and more courteously, and saying “good morning, good afternoon, and good evening” to more and more people I encounter on the sidewalks. Except for the last part. I can barely make eye-contact with anyone anymore, since they’re digitally absorbed in kitten .GIFS or other nonsensical trivia on their social networks. Oh well.

But don’t you think this person was just selfish and unwilling to see that they left a sliver of sidewalk to walk by? What if another pedestrian was pushing a double-stroller?

Hoboken Stroller Sidewalk Blockage