The end is nigh – Rolling Video Games for kids in Hoboken

Spotted this odd mega-van-truck parked (the wrong way) on Bloomfield Street uptown the other night. A Rolling Video Games truck. Can you even believe it?

Rolling Video Games mobile video game theater Hoboken NJ

Inspiring kids to be fat, lazy, diseased slobs. Way to go, Mom & Dad!

Inside this truck were screaming & hollering kids, and the whole damn vehicle was rocking back and forth. Wow, I thought. We live in a city next to one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, and some parents have to rent a mobile video game truck to entertain their kids?

The Rolling Video Games truck is billed as a “Climate-controlled, self-powered mobile video game theater – to your door!”

It even comes with a “high-qualified Game Coach,” whose job is to “instruct, tutor and inspire your guests to have the most fun possible.” Since when did you need tutoring on how to have fun?

Take a look at the video below. They show kids looking sad and depressed on a beautiful clear day, and don’t get excited until the rolling video game trailer pulls up. It may just be “marketing” to them, but I think that truly is reality nowadays! And look at that clown of a mom who proudly said “I just had a party, and I didn’t have to do anything!” Really “mom?” Why have kids then, you lazy sloth!

If children of today are demanding this kind of entertainment from their parents – and parents are willing to succumb – I suppose our future looks bleak.

Hoboken NJ

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